Tests, validation and simulation

System integration and maintenance test benches

System integration benches designed to improve efficiency and maintainability

Teseo System integration test benches are designed to support a quick development approach where simulation is used to integrate and verify systems.

Our customized, high-performance, real-time simulation systems cover every requirement of integration, verification and certification.
Our specialized engineers develop turnkey solutions adaptable to different customers' needs, such as MIL (Model in the loop), SIL (Software in the loop), PIL (Processor in the loop) and HIL (Hardware in the loop) simulations.

Teseo has more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of complex systems fields, including automotive, avionics, space and defense.

Maintenance test benches and turnkey solutions for reliable systems

During the operational life of a system, including equipment and components levels, maintenance plays a key role. In-service inspections are usually required by the manufacturer, a good maintenance testing program can reduce the risk of failure and diagnose potential equipment problems.

Teseo maintenance test benches allow tailored periodic inspections, with special consideration for cost-effectiveness operations, safety, reliability and efficiency.

Our engineering team is able to provide tailored maintenance test systems with various solutions, including calibration and performance tests, evaluation and trending of test results.
Developed and designed according to the special applications and specifications needed, Teseo test benches are able to meet all demanding customers' requirements with high accuracy.

Our field of expertise includes all kinds of industries, such as automotive, avionics, aeronautics, space and electronic technology.

Teseo RAD-AGE, one of our maintenance test systems as an example

Teseo RAD-AGE (Radar Altimeter Aircraft Ground Equipment) is one of our re-knowned flight line maintenance level toosl for Aircraft Radar Altimeter maintenance. It is used on aircraft in the flight line or in shelters, including Hardened Aircraft Shelter, with the doors open or closed wherever the Aircraft is serviced or maintained.

Simulated altitudes are tailored to customer requirements and the equipment is designed to be adaptable to all aircraft platforms and all radar altimeters.