Tests, validation and simulation

R&D test benches

It is crucial to business growth to invest in research and development of products or services. On the other hand this type of investment can be expensive and a long term commitment. The expenses associated with R&D processes can have a negative impact on a company.

Many companies need to reduce time and cost in the new product development process or improvement of existing designs.

Test benches built to customer's needs

Teseo offers tailored R&D test solutions to provide the largest number of tests necessary to meet customers’ requirements in a very short time:

  • Total customization of software and graphical user interfaces
  • Ability to conduct testing standard to high level of automation standards
  • Fully flexible operator intervention
  • Ability to design tests specifically for unique needs
  • Fully flexible tests 
  • Broad range of input parameters and output measurements
  • High repeatability of measurements
  • Complete traceability of test data
  • Automatic calibration systems
  • Preparation for product industry certifications


Unlike standard test benches, test systems made for R&D laboratories must be adaptable to meet various test requirements, such as the simulation of a testing environment where the device under test (DUT) will be used.

Our solutions are designed to give the end user full flexibility to perform all the tests necessary to fulfill all R&D requirements.