Tests, validation and simulation

Production test benches

Testing and controling the production process is necessary to guarantee high quality.

Teseo provides modular production test systems equipped with standard hardware and software, flexible enough to integrate customers' needs.

Our turnkey platforms are fully integrated into the production lines ensuring a higher product quality controlled by the fastest test solutions.

High speed solutions to guarantee top quality

We consider end-of-line test benches as an efficient method to detect all critical faults and to safely increase the performance of the production process. Furthermore, our specialized team works hard to always meet the main requirement for a production test bench: high speed.  

Our systems perform a complete range of tests, various simulations and detailed controls within the shortest time.

Teseo Production test benches main features include:

  • High-speed tests
  • Tailored solutions
  • Highly specialized and detailed tests focused on specific requirements
  • Fully integrated platforms
  • Smart maintenance


Our field of expertise includes all kinds of industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, space and electronic technology.