Tests, validation and simulation


The aeronautical industry moved to standard platforms quite a long time ago to reduce the overall maintenance cost of its maintenance equipment. Test Program Sets (TPS) are the add-ons to such general purpose equipment which specialise it on a specific avionic item.

In order to fulfil such demand from its customers, Teseo can deliver turnkey systems or TPS leveraging on a dedicated engineering team.

Our dedicated team, working with the highest level of confidentiality, can provide turnkey or built-to-print for:

  • General purpose test benches that can be used across a variety of avionics modules and are compatible with both new and old Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems
  • Customized complete systems
  • Test Programme Set for GPATE or LMSTAR
  • Hardware, software and mechanical resources
  • Obsolescence-killers for mission-critical test systems

GPATE and LM-STAR systems are the most re-knowned general purpose ground support equipment.
GPATE (General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment) is a maintenance solution for several avionics units. A general purpose ATE that embraces various technologies, such as analog, digital, RF and communication buses. It responds to demanding technical performances and copes with severe environmental requirements (temperature ranges, dimensions, weight, mechanical strength).

Providing support for the equipment of a large number of military planes or helicopters, GPATE is a guarantee to obtain maximum operational availability of commercial and military systems.

LM-STAR (Lockheed Martin’s LM-STAR® ) is considered as the standard system for developing and maintaining avionics:

  • Multi-mission needs configuration, including radio frequency, electro optical, electronic warfare, digital and navigation/communication support
  • New testing capabilities integration (PXIe, synthetic instrumentation, bus emulation, logistics information and web-based support systems)
  • Network to a central server providing access to a TPS library and ensuring frequent test results backups
  • Hardware and open software architecture (testers for fixed and mobile environments)
  • NI TestStand and LabWindows/CVI software for the core test management and ANSI-C test development environments
  • Flexible test module adapters appropriate to any test development environment