Tests, validation and simulation

Teseo multi-technical test benches set up the different virtual environments required for simulations, tests and functional validations, included fault and bug troubleshooting.

Teseo provide a complete offer of turnkey solutions, including full test benches, simulator specific formats, hybrid test benches and high speed test benches.

Starting from standard test benches, our R&D team is able to build customised solutions to match all type of test requirements for the whole product life cycle - from the early R&D design stage to the end of the supply chain.
By understanding the customer’s needs, we can offer the best test solutions for special applications and requirements.

From standard to tailored test benches

After more than 30 years of experience, Teseo can provide a wide range of standard test benches that can be easily tailored to customer’s requirements in a very short time at affordable prices.

Our standard test benches are often used as a basis for customized solutions as they can be easily integrated and it is possible to implement a combination of them. All our test systems are delivered to the customer as turnkey solutions already validated and marked.

Teseo Standard Test Benches basic functions include:

  • Test data and expected results tracking programs
  • Predictions of expected and potential test results
  • Test data generation for devices under test (DUT)
  • Current and previous test results comparison recording any gaps
  • Report generation
  • Dynamic analysis to display how many times a statement is executed during program run
  • High-precision testing environment simulations

Teseo Standard Test Benches key features:

  • Basic functionality typically found in test systems
  • Hardware in the loop and simulation functionalities
  • Highly flexible modular configuration: easy implementation with a broad range of optional and additional modules
  • Lean Manufacturing embedded design
  • Software Environment: National Instruments Labview
  • Acquisition System: National Instruments Real-Time
  • Calibration embedded procedures


Starting from standard test systems, our offer of customised solutions meets all type of test requirements for the whole product life cycle.