Telemetry and radio communication

Telemetry and radio communication

Telemetry and mission control centres are the enabler of complex aircraft validation. Data links also play a key role in the unmanned vehicle arena.
An invisible link between Ground and On-Board that transforms complex data into command and control information.
We offer the complete systems required by such activities, including pure telemetry and remote control tailored to the specific needs of the user and leveraging on COTS platforms where applicable. Our team of experts provide turnkey support such as ensuring aircraft-ground communication, receive and manage aircraft telemetry or exploiting new generation UAV’s. 

Our offer includes telemetry, radio communication and integrated flight test centers. We are able to provide high quality shared access to test data in real time, and Teseo experts guarantee a wide range of flight test instrumentation for UAV, military aircrafts and helicopters.

Telemetry and remote control systems: flight test and mission control centers

Sophisticated remote telemetry systems matched with integrated on-board systems, optical links to-from the ground station and radio link to-from the aircraft making it possible to gather trustworthy data during sophisticated flight tests.
In order to validate and improve the aerodynamic flight characteristics of the vehicle, performances and safety aspects, we offer a broad range of parameters for the measurements recorded by innovative real-time data acquisition systems.

Teseo provides the integration of COTS equipment for mission control centers, including hardware and software. Our constantly developed software and intercom systems for mission control room include dedicated remote station management.

Our specialized engineers are able to supply customized mobile mission control centers and mobile ground stations for UAV datalinks.

DUMAS system

"One of the most flexible ground remote control of mobile systems for LOS operations" - DUMAS system's datasheet

This off-the-shelf solution significantly extends the mission distance while maintaining a high bandwidth link between the UAS and the ground station.
Native modular hardware and software are configured for harsh environment operations. The standard configuration includes manual, automated and predictive tracking by remote control of antenna and RF equipment.
The DUMAS System is easy to integrate and simple to operate, so we can also provide Built-on-Spec or Customised-on-Spec in a very short time where required.

Communication systems

Complicated flight missions and multiple technologies have different communication needs that require advanced and reliable communication management solutions.

We supply aircraft manufacturers and integrators to manage all aspects of the radio systems for various airborne platforms. Our experts design and build compact and flexible communication systems, including radio communications, that can be customized, scaled and installed in line with all the operational requirements. Teseo equipment supports long-standing analog equipment as well as new VoIP based communication devices.