Product development

Teseo is a key player in the process of designing, building, assembling and optimizing new products in line with customer’s needs.

We offer our expertise in product development from built-to-print specifications, to products built to specification.

Built-to-print for low volume products

Customers give us explicit existing design specifications often coupled with performance requirements for build-to-print projects. Frequently, they need components which they do not specialise in or they prefer to outsource the manufacture of certain products to reduce manufacturing costs and speed time-to-market.  

Teseo is able to reproduce and assemble products, equipment, or components according to clients’ indications. Furthermore, we offer a guarantee as a second source for strategic outsourcing.

Teseo specializes in low volume manufacturing and our expertise covers a wide range of areas, such as transportation, automotive, aeronautics, space, defence, electronics, energy and medical industry.

Built-To-Specification equipment and subsystems 

When our customers need Build-To-Specification services to develop a new product or are looking to modify and optimize an existing product, Teseo assists them as an experienced and reliable partner.

In this case, we offer our experience in providing support at any stage of the development cycle.

Our Built-To-Specification service includes:

  • Concept stage design drawings
  • Prototype model development for further analysis and validation
  • Detailed project to go into production (materials, assembly processes, scheduling, optimization tests…)
  • Full manufacturing service
  • Installation and final validation
  • Professional training and sustaining engineering


From the concept stage through to prototypes, production and sustaining engineering, our experienced teams work side-by-side with clients to offer them the best solution.


It is a Built-To-Specification niche: dedicated electronic systems used on aircraft and spacecraft to perform main functions, such as navigation, communication and multiple system management of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Teseo avionics Design and Manufacturing samples:

  • Digital Switching Units
  • IFF Data Conversion Units
  • GPS Filter Units

Digital Switching Unit

The Digital Switching Unit (DSU) is a product developed totally by Teseo. It is part of a mission system that manages all the connections among the AMMUs and drone (UAV) devices. The DSU is a modular, secure, fully qualified unit that provides all the necessary functions and interfaces to switch and control all I/O ports and serial communication devices. It is also able to interconnect audio signals coming from data links and split up into four digital hi-res high-speed HD VIDEO signals.

The DSU features can be summarized in these following critical functions:

  • Primary/Backup Signals switching
  • Video splitting
  • High reliability uninterrupted high current power supply
  • Compliant with EMI requirements as per MIL-STD-461F and DO-160F
  • 10-year Operative Life
  • Extended temperature operative range: -40 °C to +70 °C
  • Altitude up to 50,000 feet


We are able to develop and provide Built-To-Specification avionic equipment, systems and subsystems built to meet customers’ needs and expectations.