Electronics and OEM manufacturing

With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, Teseo has developed a wide range of in-house capabilities in top quality Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) in addition to built-to-print and reverse-engineering capabilities.

Most industry leaders today require an eco-system of companies that are capable of designing and manufacturing sub-systems and modules that they then integrate into their products. This is an area where Teseo's heritage fits, optimising OEM manufacturers’ strategic sourcing processes and co-engineering requirements.

Teseo Research & Development and Engineering teams work hand in hand to guarantee the required technical expertise and the best achievable results.

Built-To-Print and Built-To-Specification are key drivers for our engineers and production teams for an effective turn-key solution.

Teseo's track record ranges from space electronics to avionics, from measurement instrumentation and Data Acquisition (DAQ) to medical equipment such as Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI).

On-Board Electronics & Avionics

Teseo has a wide range of expertise in serving aerospace and defence markets. We design and produce leading-edge technology for aviation requirements, including drones and UAVs, providing avionics solutions to commercial and military customers.

Our specialist team strives to find the most rugged design ensuring safety and long-term viability of components.


Teseo’s engineering team has developed qualified technical capabilities to excel in design and production of specialist medical equipment.

Our expertise includes diagnostics such as ultrasound and MRI machines, monitoring, imaging, surgical, treatment, therapeutic and life support equipment.
We also work with medical start-ups in optimizing their product engineering and managing the small-scale initial production needs.

We work while paying great attention to detail to ensure our customers’ main goal: patient safety and treatment effectiveness.

Our Electronics and OEM manufacturing advantages:

  • Qualified engineering and manufacturing expertise
  • In-house capabilities
  • Flexible and tailored agreements
  • Close collaboration
  • Total cost and quality control
  • Time-to-market