Ground support equipment

From serial to tailored solutions

Teseo has in its portfolio a range of ground support equipment which provides a turnkey solution ensuring optimized operational functions in most of the harshest aircraft environments.

Our team’s expertise covers the most demanding European defence aircraft programmes such as transport aircraft, trainers, fighters and helicopters.

Throughout the equipment lifecycle we support our customers in all operational aspects, including corrective and preventive maintenance, such as calibrations and periodic health checks up to customized maintenance plans to fulfil immediate requirements, addressing potential issues before they become real problems.

A complete package of solutions

Teseo provides complete package equipment plus service tailored to meet all your specific needs, guaranteeing quality and safety.
Teseo’s versatile ground support equipment that can be easily combined and integrated with existing equipment to improve affordability.

Our whole offer is monitored by a team of experts who streamline access to all maintenance levels:

  • Organizational Maintenance (O-Level): day-to-day work to maintain aircraft and equipment in a full state of mission effectiveness.
  • Intermediate Maintenance (I-Level): test work and technical assistance on aircraft components and equipment if required.
  • Depot Maintenance (D-Level): engineering assistance and performing maintenance to support organizational and intermediate level activities, this is a pre-mission verification and validation of equipment functionality. It consists in component installation, calibration or modification to test, upgrade and rebuild, including all aspects of software maintenance.

Teseo engineers design flexible and multi-avionic ground support equipment, reducing costs and cycle time for its customers. In order to optimise the development costs of the particular modules to be tested, our experts proactively enforce newer test program sets (TPS) on platforms such as GPATE and LM-STAR, without losing any compatibility with older systems.

Test Set for RADAR, Altimeter and Radio Systems

Microwave Delay Lines provide economical and speedy test solutions for:

  • Radar Altimeters
  • Radio Channel Replication
  • Radar Test Range Testing on the Lab test Bench


They are economical off-the-shelf solutions for propagation path testing. Uni- and bi-directional systems that operate with any signal waveform type, encryption, spread spectrum and variable power.

The offer includes an high dynamic range (120 dB) and a wide band (0.001 – 40 GHz), characterized by a top level accuracy.

They can be adopted in various fields of application such as:

  • Radar Systems
  • Transponders
  • Altimeters (FMCW, LPI)
  • Digital Radios
  • Test Systems
  • Military applications


Furthermore, we make available a unique item of Radar Altimeter Test System to test all types of different transmission protocols:

  • Frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar FMCW (including CDF types)
  • Compressed Pulse Radar Altimeter CPRA (Satellite Altimeter)
  • High Spatial Resolution Radar Altimeter HSRRA (Topology Mapping)
  • Low Probability of Intercept LPI (Stealth altimeter for military aircraft)

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