Fiber optic links

Bus and signals instruments over fiber

Modular Optical Communication System (MOCS)

MOCS is the up-to-date evolution of AFOM and ADFAC and preserves their embedded modularity for flexible and easily scalable EMC fiber optic systems. A concept brought by Teseo to EMC since 1985.

The system design, features and functionalities are regularly improved in order to increase the range of plug-ins available and support Teseo's worldwide customer base. Special plug-ins are then designed for custom applications.

MOCS can reach up to 4 coordinated rack units controlled in daisy chain and over 16 different plug-ins available in the standard catalog, ranging from DC to 3 GHz, from digital I/O to industrial, automotive and avionic buses (e.g. CAN, LIN, 1553, ARINC429), from telemetry to voltmeters.

Fiber optic BUS Extenders

Simple to use and working as stand-alone units, Optical Bus Extenders (OBE) are the easiest way to grow your laboratory capabilities enabling a point to point between two units. Could be applied in EMC laboratory or as an extender where distance between the units is too long for copper.

Narrowband field probe

Triaxial narrowband selective field probe 

Isotropic, selective, electric field probe operating on a very wide frequency range: from 100 KHz to 3 GHz. It covers from AM to FM radio, digital TV, all mobile phone bands, GPS and wireless communications.

Single axe narrowband selective field probe

Operates from 100 kHz to 1 GHz with linearity guaranteed up to 30 V/M. Different ranges can be provided on request. The extreme sensitivity of the probe makes it possible to use it in shielding effectiveness tests and mapping of fields inside small shielded enclosures.

Virtual Instruments over fiber

  • SOPM: 3-channel RF power meter with frequency response flat up to 1 GHz. An example of usage is the bulk current injection test that often requires the measurement of forward power, reverse power and injected current
  • SOPM03: 3-channel RF power meter with frequency response flat up to 3 GHz.
  • SOVM: 8-channel DC voltmeter with an application software package that allows monitoring of eight EUT parameters. When coupled with the program that handles the test it automatically performs the recognition of the anomalies. A variant of SOVM is able to monitor up to 96 discreet (On/Off) signals.