Fiber optic links

Fiber optics is the smartest way to overcome the limitations of any traditional copper solutions. Fiber optics means non-conductive and electrically passive, immune to EMI, no loss of signal accuracy over distance, easy to install and to operate. Teseo excels in fiber optic based products and has done since 1978.

Designed and manufactured internally, the wide range of high-quality fibre optic links provide a scalable system, customizable by the user via plug-in modules to always match user application requirements.
Designed to be flexible and configurable in multiple architectures that customers can adapt to requirements, they provide an open platform with standard modules for analog and digital signals, and for demanding bus protocols such as 1553, ARINC 429, CAN High Speed. Dedicated modules are designed and built to specs.. 

Teseo fiber optic links are the response for many needs not limited to EMC testing: wherever a special and simple transmission of IF and RF signals, telemetry or security is required.

Teseo’s fiber optic product offer includes: