Amplifiers, antennae and RF sensors

Safety products

Teseo, also offers a range of hand-held meters/monitors, probes and accessories for measuring exposure levels of a variety of products such as:

  • Industrial Ovens, RF
  • Heating & Welding Systems
  • Diathermy, NMR and other RF Medical Devices
  • Imaging and NMR Equipment as well as other Sensitive Sites
  • Power Plants
  • Railway and Ground Transport Systems
  • Wireless Telecommunications, Base Stations, Broadcast Equipment
  • Power Lines
  • TV & Radio Transmitters & Base Stations

These advanced EMS solutions are known for providing cutting-edge solutions in all areas of broadband and selective measurements, both in real-time mode and stand-alone.

Safety Meters features:

  • Wide-band measurements from DC to 40 GHz with interchangeable sensor heads
  • Selective measurements for complex signals; housed in a durable metal body
  • Temperature sensor and on board GPS
  • Analog outputs X, Y, Z
  • Software for the display of measurements and data
  • Optical interface/USB

Safety Sensor Heads cover the frequency range from DC to 40 GHz, and field strengths of 0.2-20,000 V/m for electric fields and 20 nT to 15 T for magnetic fields. The sensors available are electric and magnetic and easily interchangeable.

Safety software supplied allows the user to operate remotely using a PC connected via a fiber optic cable (the disturbance caused by human presence in the area where there is the sensor head is clearly reduced). It facilitates data analysis downloading and focusing on stored data, graphics, and tabular reports of the acquired readings (area or period monitored).