Amplifiers, antennae and RF sensors

RF Power Amplifiers - Broadband, Solid State, RF, Microwave And TWT Amplifiers

Teseo can provide a wide range of RF Power Amplifiers to meet all kinds of requirements, including the most demanding.

Linear, mismatch tolerant, broadband RF amplifiers backed by the best and most comprehensive warranty in the industry. With their self-contained, air or water cooled structure, they cover from DC to 1GHz and are available in powers up to 50,000 watts.

Different model configuration can be required with different combinations of connector type and positions to better fit the Customer’s needs.
The amplifiers we propose have high output power. A wide modulation capability makes it possible to faithfully reproduce AM, FM, or Pulse modulation appearing on input signal.

Thanks to their high reliability A-Class structure, the amplifiers can operate without damage or oscillation with any magnitude and phase of source and load impedance, without undesired foldback effects.

Teseo delivers both standard and custom amplifiers, both Class A and AB where linearity is not a must and price is a key driver. Nonetheless power, mismatch capabilities and reliability are the main parameters for our experts work and they guarantee the highest quality performances.

Microwave amplifiers range from:

  • Single band, Solid State microwave amplifiers: 0,7 – 6 GHz,15 to 200 watts
  • Dual Band, Solid State microwave amplifiers: 0,7 to 18 GHz, 1 to 1200 watts
  • CW Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs): 1 to 45 GHz, 40 to 2000 watts
  • Pulse Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs): 1 to 18 GHz, 120 to 8300 watts