Amplifiers, antennae and RF sensors

Hybrid power modules and RF components

Hybrid Power Modules (HPM’s) delivered by Teseo cover the entire frequency range. It includes standard 4-18 GHz HPM’s and HPM’s that cover instantaneous bandwidths, from 0.7 to 6 GHz in one amplifier module.
High gain 50 ohm modules provide 15 watts of Class A output power in a convenient small connected housing.
A higher power of 25 watt, Class AB configuration, is also available.

These modules can be used in various wireless and military applications due to their broadband frequency coverage, excellent gain flatness, noise figure and low intermodulation distortion.
Thanks to their flexibility and tolerance, characterized by linearity, high power and wide bandwidth, they cover a wide range of RF applications.

These compact size and high performance Hybrid Power Modules can be used as microwave power amplifiers in both commercial and military solutions.

Standard and custom design products are available to meet all type of requirements, including demanding military environmental specifications.
Specialist experts can design and integrate infinite customized solutions to meet our customer’s needs and to guarantee high quality performances even for the most demanding applications.