Amplifiers, antennae and RF sensors

Antennae Up to 15,000 watts input power, 10kHz to 50GHz

Teseo provides a wide range of antennae for practically any testing procedure. High Power, Log Periodic, High-Gain Horn, and Bent Element Antennae are available up to 50 GHz and 15,000 watts of input power.

Teseo experts assist our customers in choosing the most appropriate antenna to meet their requirements for unlimited applications.
For a safe and easy handling the antennae can be provided with dedicated mast and stands, even with casters which allow the user to easily and quickly move the system around. Antenna stands and positioners have a built-in capability to allow tilt movements and elevation changes, both manually or by using a remote digital controller.

Thanks to removable elements, the biggest antennae can be disassembled and placed on its own trolley and removed from the measuring site.