EMC/RF solutions

Turnkey laboratory

Military testing

Teseo designs and provides turnkey test laboratories solutions dedicated to military EMC testing in compliance with MIL STD 461E “Requirements for the control of electromagnetic interference characteristics of subsystems and equipment”.

Military specificaitons and EMC testing (MIL STD 461E)

MIL STD 461E specifications defines chambers dimensions, the surface portion of the internal chamber that has to be covered by RF absorbers and their reflectivity characteristics.
Our highly customized test solutions allow our clients to obtain the best quality for money in military EMC testing, simplifying investment decisions.

We supply you with the following:

  • MIL-STD 461E/F EMC Test Chambers designed in accordance with the standard requirements for military test applications
  • Absorber specific configuration for military applications (validated in critical frequency range)
  • Shielding systems
  • Customized test solutions: optional features and high-quality test equipment available for tailored laboratories configurations


EMC military testing laboratories developed by Teseo perform test applications for the design and qualification of modern defence equipment, from small to very large military vehicles, such as army, aeronautical and naval systems.