EMC/RF solutions

Turnkey laboratory

EMC laboratory software automation

Teseo EMC Test Laboratory Software Automation to perform reliable measurements and to automatically control systems supporting all commercial drivers.

Aside custom solutions developed for specific applications such as space, we typically provide the most cost effective, fully automated testing solutions deploying DARE!! Instruments RadiMation® and RadiCentre® packages.

Where the EMC test software RadiMation® acts as the software centre of the EMC system; the EMC test system RadiCentre® is the core of the hardware.

Test solutions provided by Teseo are designed for radiated and conducted, emissions and immunity (RE, RI, CE, CI) tests in compliance with the following test standards: CEI, CISPR, DEFENCE STANDARD, DO160, ETSI, FCC (USA), IEC o EN, ISO, MIL, SINAL, TEMPEST. Customized special applications developed for military testing and space.

RadiMation® and RadiCentre®. EMC Laboratory Software Automation main features:

  • Flexible 
    Fully automated testing for a broad range of measuring systems enabled by RadiCentre®  modular and multi-slots configuration. It can be personalized by the user to individually configure each slot and to combine various available plug-in cards building the best functional solution.
  • Expandable
    The RadiCentre® EMC test system is expandable with a number of different cards. The following cards are now available:
  • RadiSense® LASER-powered EM field sensors from 10 kHz to 18 GHz
  • RadiLink® RF analog fiber optic link up to 3 GHz
  • RadiMate® four-channel A / D and D / A for EUT monitoring
  • RadiPower® RF (CW/Burst) power meter for EMC applications
  • RadiGen® EMC RF signal generators from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • RadiSwitch® two to four channels to switch to 40 GHz/ 700W
  • RadiControl® controller for turntable and/or atenna tower
  • RadiField® Unique cost effective field generator

  • Easy to use

The EMC test system is "Plug and Play", every board is automatically recognized and initialized and ready for use. The user can configure and control the system by means of a clear and easy to use color TFT touch screen (2 channel and 7-channel system only).

  • Space effective

Where controllers, EMC probes, switches and other equipment normally take one or more units in a 19-inch cabinet, the RadiCentre® EMC test system allows for the combination of one to seven devices in just three units height. RadiCentre® is available in both a desktop and 19-inch rack mountable version. All plug-in cards are powered by the RadiCentre® EMC system, contrary to separate rack equipment that will all have their own power supply.


  • Software support

The RadiCentre® EMC test system is software controllable with RS-232, USB, LAN and IEEE-488 (Optional for the 9-slot system). Besides the RadiMation® integral EMC measurement software, the system can be controlled by all EMC measurement packages, as all software codes to control the unit are available.

  • Linux Based & Software upgrades

The EMC system is Linux based thus offering great stability and fast start-up times. As all embedded software is stored in flash mode, it is very easy to upgrade the system with new versions, thus protecting the initial investment.