EMC/RF solutions

Turnkey laboratory

Antenna testing and MIMO testing

Teseo can supply Antenna Testing and MIMO Testing laboratories from standard products to highly customized designs, from civilian applications to military radar testing. Such laboratories are considered multi-purpose, wideband, electromagnetic test facilities frequently embedding an antenna or DUT positioners.

For certain applications, reverberation chambers are typically used for testing single antenna or multi-antenna technologies, such as diversity and MIMO measurements. A specific test software validates antenna performances with the most accurate and time-effective measurements in order to provide antenna subsystems qualification and validation. In certain cases such laboratories can also be used for radar cross-section measurements.

Antenna testing

Antenna diversity is a technique that can improve and maximize radio communications. Our test solutions carry out active measurements of antenna diversity performances in several realistic environments, considering different parameters including diversity gain (apparent and actual), effective diversity gain, correlation coefficient, signal to noise ratio, bit and frame error rate.

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems are one of the most promising technologies to bring about significant performance improvements to high speed and coverage of wireless networks. These are smart antenna systems comprised of multiple simultaneous transmitters and receivers used to reduce the negative effect of multipath fading and improve radio communication quality. Accurate and fast measurements of frequency, time and antenna performances can optimize the MIMO systems design and improve efficiency.  

Our specialist radiofrequency engineering team is extending its expertise in developing innovative test technologies to provide more accurate, affordable and high-speed test solutions for MIMO environments.

Thanks to this, Teseo has introduced vector signal generators (VSGs) and vector signal analysers (VSAs) for a variety of multichannel MIMO RF design and test applications.

Furthermore, Teseo's offer includes a laboratory for MIMO Over-the-Air (OTA) test measurements.

Teseo test solutions are available with a wide selection of modular instrumentation which our experts can customize for each application.