EMC/RF solutions

EMC and EMF services

RF Measurement services for evaluating human exposure to EMF (BB and NB measurements)

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by technology and the risk of electronic issues increase. Electric and magnetic fields exist wherever electric current flows such as cables, power lines, working office equipment, residential wiring and appliances. It is important to recognize that RF and electromagnetic fields may cause interference with electronics and they may also affect the health of human beings. Therefore, it’s essential to identify their sources.

Teseo has specialist experience in RF measurement services and environmental EMF measurements.
Our instrumentation covers both broadband (up to 40 GHz) and narrowband (up to 18 GHz) measurements and can respond to all types of civil or military antennas (TV, radio, telephone, radar surveillance).
Our experts are able to advise and train you on protection solutions.

Step-by-step measurement procedure:

  • Identification of sources of electromagnetic fields and measurement sites (work places, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, public parks,…).. The choice is made with the client, considering possible previous  sources and critical sites maps (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, public parks,…)
  • Measurement of background noise, different broadband and selective measures to identify any unknown disturbance source
  • Design and installation of  protection solutions in compliance with the customer’s needs.

Our measuring equipment consists of: 

  • Isotropic electric and magnetic field sensors
  • Small E and H antennas
  • Spectrum analysers (up to 44 GHz).