EMC/RF solutions

EMC and EMF services

Teseo's EMC services

CE marking

We carry out all of the measurements and tests necessary to obtain the declaration of conformity of your products, machines ( test benches, ...) and production lines.

Our tests include:

  • Emission and immunity tests, either conducted and radiated in semi-anechoic chamber
  • Electrostatic Discharges
  • Electrical Fast Transient /Burst and Surges
  • Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations
  • Harmonics and flickers
  • Magnetic field immunity
  • Exposure to E and H fields and stress measurements

Automotive components tests

To meet regulatory standards or manufacturers requirements, we carry out the approval tests of many components:

  • Bulk Current Injection (BCI)
  • ISO pulses
  • Resistance to power and / or load failure
  • Conducted Transient Emissions

EMC solutions

Our professional and technically qualified engineers assistance makes it possible to solve any EMC regulatory issues, from design concept to final production.

In the majority of cases we resolve this type of problems in short time, during test operations, with simple EMC design solutions such as shields, mains filters, ferrites, additional filtering components or a customised combination of them.

We follow all the test procedures side by side with our customers to effectively meet their needs.

EMC stress tests

To break the limits of electric and magnetic field and test your equipment under intense stress tests, we can generate strong electromagnetic environments:

Frequency range: 50Hz - 5kHz and 30kHz - 60kHz
Electric field up to: 12kV/m
Magnetic field up to: 320A/m
Reduced form factor: up to 50 centimetres in length
Duration of field application: up to 3sec

Other characteristics of our tests:
Video EUT monitoring during MF stress tests
Field monitoring thanks to highly reliable E/M field sensor

EMC conditioned tests

Our qualified laboratory is equipped with an environmental chamber used for temperature and climatic conditioned EUT tests.

In-Situ conditioned tests

Teseo can perform tests at a customer’s location with a specialised mobile EMC laboratory. We offer a full on-site testing capability for heavy industrial equipment or to meet any customers' requirements.

Site validation

For maintenance or validation of anechoic and semi -anechoic rooms and outdoor test sites, we manage the following validations:

  • NSA (Normalized Site Attenuation) with network analyzer
  • FSNSA (Free Space Normalized Site Attenuation) with network analyzer
  • SVSWR (Site Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) with network analyzer


Our measurements include :

  • FU (Field Uniformity)
  • Shielding Effectiveness

IRF measurements of radome panels up to 18GHz

Teseo EMC Laboratory can perform IFR (Induced Field Ratio) measurements inside the anechoic chamber to determine the scattering efficiency of the joint normalised to the optical shadow area of the joint of radome panels. It is therefore advisable to keep the IFR as low as possible.
The total scattering is therefore proportional to the product: IFR*w where w is the width of the joint.
Teseo is equipped with a network analyzer up to 18GHz with time domain option and recently executed measurements with an Italian university on different kinds of joints of radome panels.

Measurements of scattering parameters up to 18GHz

Teseo EMC Laboratory can perform measurements of scattering parameters S11, S12, S21 and S22 up to 18GHz.
Antennas, cables, attenuators or other circuits can be measured, using a network analyzer equipped with a precision calibration kit.

Extremely low frequency (ELF) tests

Measurements under extreme solicitation at Low Frequencies, fields beyond 10kV/m and 300 A/m at frequencies from 50 to 5000 Hz:

  • Parallel plates
  • Helmholtz coil