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Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is regularly performed on equipment and systems to avoid unexpected breakdowns and maintain optimum operating conditions. Preventive maintenance activities include periodic overhauls, regular verifications, calibration of equipment, lubrication and systematic oil changes (where applicable).

Tests, measurement and recording the results of equipment deterioration make it possible to detect, replace and correct incipient failures before they become a serious problem.
Preventive maintenance is often given relatively little attention, but when looking at failure curve distributions most of the failures occur during high workload periods, the equipment always breaks down when a large amount of work has to be done, so setting up a preventive maintenance program is essential to maximize reliability and improve the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

A cost-effective maintenance plan is the result of a balanced evaluation between maintenance, operational and emergency costs, such as the downtime cost caused by breakdowns, manpower used on emergency jobs, estimated preventive tasks costs and the maintenance budget spent on breakdown work.

Planned maintenance operations for test facilities, measurement instrumentation, production test equipment

TESEO’s offer includes building and improving customized Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programs. Planned maintenance can avoid many overhead costs caused by unplanned corrective work.

The risk of lost production and time responding to emergencies and fault diagnoses is consistently reduced with the help of a strategic preventive maintenance plan. The main advantage is offering customers the possibility of shutting down the equipment in connection with production downtime, and our specialised team of experts is at their service to meet any operational requirements.

Scheduled maintenance is a worthy investment in time and resources to improve safety and reliability

Diagnostic Health Check on equipment and systems

All work equipment needs to be maintained in an efficient state, especially when it is often exposed to harsh environments and it can be damaged by unpredictable events, so diagnostic health check inspections are necessary to ensure work equipment efficiency.

Potential breakdowns, incorrect installations, reinstallations and deteriorations are some of the possible problematic circumstances which strategic health checks can prevent.

Teseo health-check servicess offer our customers various advantages including :

  • Limited impact on equipment operations with scheduled maintenance checks
  • Reduced unplanned downtime, outages and breakdowns
  • Quick and limited remedial actions taken to avoid unexpected shutdowns
  • Hidden dangers found before they become real problems
  • Equipment upgrade solutions
  • Reduced annual service and maintenance costs

TESEO maintenance experts work in our fully equipped laboratories or directly on customers’ premises to meet all kinds of requirements.

TESEO provides Preventive Maintenance services on various equipment and systems, including:

  • Test Equipment (TE)
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE)
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Ground Test Equipment (GTE)
  • Special Type Test Equipment (STTE)

TESEO has professional implementation experience and maintenance expertise to provide customized complete asset management solutions.

We assist our clients to simplify, optimize and manage their equipment availability.

Asset management services offered by TESEO include:

  • instrument inventory
  • document history
  • requirements analysis and identification
  • maintenance strategy optimisation
  • calibration and maintenance management (call-planning)
  • asset operations management