RF applications and EMC testing

Teseo EMC/RF measurement laboratory and calibration laboratory are considered top tier provider for quality and turnaround time. Calibrations are not limited to instruments and sensors, include National Instruments cards and test benches calibrated yearly both in our laboratory or on-site.

EMC testing & RF measurements and co-engineering laboratory

EMC testing
Teseo – Druento (TO)
Over 5,000 products certified ranging from electronics, industrial, automotive, medical equipments. Aside Italian accreditation, the laboratory provide VCA and FCC accredited testing.

EMI pollution monitoring
Wideband and narrowband measurement for magnetic and electric field such as power lines and power stations, radar sites, airports, broadcasting, etc. Wideband measurement products for fixed monitoring infrastructure or measurements in service.

EMC/RF laboratory and shielded areas performance validation
Measurements for EMC/RF laboratory and shielded areas performance validation:

  • Normalised Site Attenuation (NSA)
  • Field Uniformity (FU)
  • Site Voltage Standing-Wave Ratio (SVSWR)
  • Shielding Effectiveness (SE)

Accredited calibration laboratory – off-site and on-site

  • Calibration of electrical and RF instruments, sensors and antennas
  • Calibration of National Instruments cards
  • Calibration of test benches (the complete stimulation and measurement chain)
  • Asset management with integrated preventive maintenance, including instrument check and calibration