Production test benches

Teseo's modular and scalable generation of innovative Production Test benches is conceived and designed to gain a competitive advantage on compact, highly flexible and advanced manufacturing lines.

Our complete range of test solutions covers the industrial electronics, automotive and medical fields.

Our ready-to-ship platforms ensure complete test coverage. Furthermore tailored test benches can be designed to meet our customers special applications and requirements.

Teseo Calibration Unit (TCU)

TCU is designed for automated functional testing and characterization of mechatronic products distinguished by multiple discrete manufacturing batches which are the typical choice for optimising stock and working capital.

This production test bench can implement special communication and programming adapters in order to meet testing requirements of a wide range of products such as sensors, mechatronic actuators or complex modules.
Scalable and fast pay-back are the core of TCU which can be integrated into existing systems. It enables faster set-up time and increase productivity due to faster and flexible test execution.

Intelligence is embedded on board for an extremely scalable and resilient testing platform.

Typical industry fields of application:

  • Electronics and mechatronic components
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices

AM-TB Advanced Mechatronic Test Bench

AM-TB Steer by Wire is a production test bench dedicated to rotary actuators typically used in on-road and off-road drive by wire applications, including nautical and vessels fields.

It has been developed to serve families of SBW products, in small to large sizes, passive and active feed-back, from R&D to manufacturing and quality, testing and characterising product performances (software, electrical, electronics, mechanics).
AM-TB can be easily managed and maintained by the user thanks to the open software architecture for developing test sequences, managing test automation and reporting.
The native embedded Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulation application provides unbeatable intelligence flexibility.

This automated test equipment is conceived and designed for providing a competitive advantage to advanced, compact and highly flexible manufacturing lines.
AM-TB Steer by Wire could be adopted as a COTS solution or tailored as a Modified Off The Shelf.

Servo Actuator Test Bench (SATB)

Teseo Servo Actuator Test Bench (SATB) is the standard platform test bench which serves R&D and product end-of-line tests for : 

  • Linear servo-actuators for aircraft FLAPS
  • Rotary servo-actuators for aircraft
  • Leading Edge Flap Actuation System (LEFAS)
  • Trailing Edge Flap Actuation System (TEFAS)
  • Linear Main and Tail rotors servo-actuators

SATB Key features :

  • Lean Manufacturing embedded design 
  • Real-Time for deterministic control
  • Maximum accuracy in displacement measurement of 0,005mm.
  • Calibration procedure embedded
  • Automated detection of Servo-Actuator type
  • User friendly Human Machine Interface that requires limited training for use and maintenance

ESIU standardization of test systems for parking brake production line

  • Electric parking brake
  • Standardized test equipment
  • Several standard test equipment (station) on the same line
  • Adapted Hardware
  • Station customized by software
  • Easy maintenance