Fiber optic links

Video and voice over fiber

Shielded Cameras and Video over Fibre

Video fiber optic links are used to carry video signals from harsh electromagnetic environment to a monitoring and control area. This is typically the case of EMC laboratories but  can have several other applications such as security and surveillance like military radar sites.

Automated image recognition software can be integrated for enhanced laboratory automation.

Teseo offers a broad range of high performance products, all able to tolerate fields in excess of 200 V/m from 10KHz to 40GHz, all based on a wide band and low noise fiber optic link used worldwide in the most high-performance laboratories. Three major selection criteria:

  • CCD quality
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus
  • Analog or IP

The best performing products are: 

  • IMAGE3000MC : the most high-performance system in use worldwide in many EMC laboratories. Remotely controlled pan, tilt, zoom, focus (automatic iris), wide range of lenses and dielectric tripod.
    Immunity at high radiated electromagnetic interference from 10 kHz to 40 GHz up to 200 V/m. 
    Running on the battery, with the exclusion of the pan/tilt functionality, in case of mains unavailability.
  • IMAGE3000MA : a basic system used to meet simple requirements at an affordable price.
    Very small dimensions to go beyond space limits, simple configuration of the video link with manual control of the camera.

Fiber Optic Intercoms

Audio fiber optic links can be point-to-point or multipoint intercoms.

  • Point-to-point Audio Intercom: the most simple and cheapest option to ensure shielded voice communication between an anechoic chamber and a control room.
  • Audio Intercom: multipoint intercom connecting typically up to 10 users, with both wired or wireless headsets.  The system can scale up with a larger number of users and has been implemented in major large laboratories around the world.
  • Digital Audio : the digital optical audio link system is a high-quality digital audio link that is used to exchange audio data in a harsh RF electromagnetic environment. The link is bi-directional and half duplex.