Amplifiers, antennae and RF sensors

Matching top quality RF/Microwave Instrumentation and accessories, Teseo provides the best solutions to meet our customer’s needs, fulfilling the requirements of various standards.
A wide range of amplifiers and antenna combinations are available to create the appropriate solution tailored to our customers' necessities. At Teseo we establish strategic partnerships with only the best in the field.

We are committed to providing our customers with cost effective solutions. We constantly work to offer the top quality products available on the market.

Our specialist experts have many years of extensive experience in the field of RF design, so they can assist you step by step to implement smart and widespread applications.

We supply power amplifiers, antennae and modules for a various range of field applications:

  • RF and EMC testing  
  • Electronic, Energy, Medical and Industry
  • Aeronautics, Space and Defence
  • Automotive and Transportation


Teseo finds the customized combination for your best performances: