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Shielding and Faraday cage for site security

Electromagnetic interference, or radio frequency interference, is when an electromagnetic field interrupts or degrades the normal operation of an electronic device. Such interference is generated on a small scale by everyday items ranging from cellular phones to fluorescent lights or on a larger scale by telecommunication signal facilities, airports, or electrical railways.
In some cases is generated by a voluntary and organised attack. Communication centres or data centres and networking devices can be highly affected if they are in close proximity and without protection.
Finally, such protections avoid information leakages by electromagnetic emissions.

RF and EMI site protection

Teseo radiofrequency expertise has been quite often deployed in the design, commissioning and maintenance of radiofrequency shielding for EMI site protection, including communication and data centre security.
Our engineering team has designed customized strategies to ensure RF protection. We improve wireless security and performance, avoiding eavesdropping, the risk of attacks or the retrieval of confidential information stored in dedicated data centre infrastructures.

Typical application scenarios are:

  • TEMPEST/COMSEC areas require high performance shielding and encrypted communication devices as full protection can only be ensured in shielded enclosures. Projects have to comply with several standards such as NATO SDIP-27, NATO AMSG, USA NSTISSAM, ASMG 720B, AMSG 788A, AMSG 784, VBV 32000 (B).
  • DATA CENTRES are essentially exposed to three threats besides fire and electricity supply: electromagnetic attacks, eavesdropping (i.e. sensitive information leakage) and unintended and careless distortion. (e.g. cell phones or power transformer distort the data processing).
  • ENERGY transformers and magnetic fields in general and new European regulations limit the field strength for building in industry and offices, or in private places such as schools. We have provided both high volume magnetic shielding and single research shields, in several environments including power supply systems (transformers), power consumption systems, metal production facilities (iron and aluminium), chemical production facilities, automotive metal forging sites.


We offer various measurement and safety resources; furthermore, a wide range of different innovative materials and techniques are used for shielding.

Teseo has extensive professional experience in enhancing the security of civil, industrial, financial and military systems.
Our experts specialize in the construction of Faraday cages and shielded chambers, individually and combined, in order to build the right strategy and meet our customer’s needs.

We strive to achieve an effective protection that maximizes customer’s operational and economic expectations.