EMC/RF solutions

Turnkey laboratory

EMC laboratories

Teseo design and build EMC test laboratories, for both radiated and conducted immunity testing, covering typical standards which include CISPR, CENELEC, FCC, IEC61000 and MIL-STD.

Our EMC test laboratories are typically designed with modular configurations, so they are recognised as being extremely flexible to meet all requirements, both civil and military, making the most of the available space (length, width, height). Top quality materials are employed in all our solutions, from standard to complex ones, ensuring decades of life for the facility.

Our EMC test solutions overview:

  • Standard and customized anechoic chambers and shielded rooms
  • Pre-compliance chambers
  • Standard 3 meter, 5 meter and 10 meter chambers
  • Automotive EMC Laboratories
  • MIL EMC Laboratories
  • EMC Test equipment
  • NEMP-HEPM-EWB Test Laboratories
  • Stir mode chambers or reverberating chambers
  • Tempest chambers

Our range of EMC products sample:

  • EMC hardened fibre optic links and data acquisition modules
  • EMC hardened fibre optic camera and intercom systems
  • Shielded instruments for field levels as high as 200 V/m
  • Bus extenders for CAN/VAN, ARINC 429, MIL1553
  • Striplines, Triplates, E Field Generators and LISN’s